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This worksheet will help you think critically about what you need to do to get your next promotion.

Ever felt like you were wandering in the career wilderness without a map? Well, your career journey just got a whole lot clearer!

Allow me to introduce the Career Navigator worksheet – your personalized guide to steering your career in the right direction.

Navigating your career path can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

That's why we've carefully curated the Career Navigator worksheet, cutting through the clutter to get straight to the heart of what matters.

It's packed with thought-provoking questions that will illuminate the path to your career goals and aspirations without overwhelming you with a barrage of questions.

Inside, you'll find questions that are like signposts, leading you to think deeply, reflect, and unveil where you genuinely want your career to flourish.
Whether you're gunning for that promotion, exploring new horizons, or aiming for a better work-life balance, this worksheet serves as your launchpad.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I worked with Dr. David Arrington in a series of one-on-one coaching sessions to improve my networking skills in the workplace and obtained a new job position. I was able to meet several new people instrumental to my career progression. I am grateful for the experience and recommend Arrington Coaching if you need to level up your career prospects!

Rakim Reid

HR Professional

Excellent Course! I highly recommend this for everyone regardless of what level you are in your career. Dr. Arrington brings all course materials to life, he is thought-provoking, engaging, and enthusiastic. Taking the course was instant gratification. Everything was immediately relevant and applicable.

Tolulope Oyebode

Lead Engineer

I had the opportunity to work with David from an executive coaching perspective. Going into this coaching engagement, my goals were to increase executive visibility across various organizational functions, executive leadership acumen and influence, develop strategic objectives for continuous organization improvement and employee retention and become accountable for career achievement. I can confidently say that each of my goals were not only met but were exceeded. I have developed a more influential executive presence to grow my career, made significant impacts on strategic objectives and promoted 3 members of my team. Anyone looking to make a pivotal shift in their career will not be disappointed with working with Arrington coaching.

Valencia McCrimmon

Senior Director

What to Expect 

I've spent more than 17 years as an executive coach, partnering with mid-career and senior leaders looking to reach their career dreams. Now, I'm thrilled to bring some of that know-how to you through Career Navigator, so you can start steering your own journey to success.

Here's what you can expect when you download the Career Navigator:

  • Questions designed to get you thinking about your career differently.
  • Insight into your career goals.
  • The solid first step to regaining control of your career.

Dr. David Arrington

Executive Coach

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