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healthy team conflict
Can Team Conflict Be Healthy? 600 338 Dr. David Arrington

Can Team Conflict Be Healthy?

So you work with people that can’t get along. Shocking. Most people try to avoid conflict and that’s normal, but is it the best way to handle conflict. Will avoidance…

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Accountability v. Micromanagement 600 338 Dr. David Arrington

Accountability v. Micromanagement

Are you micromanaging or holding people accountable? Most people complain at some point that they are being micromanaged. No one likes it and micromanagement is actually a productivity killer. But…

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Setting Clear Expectations 600 338 Dr. David Arrington

Setting Clear Expectations

Influential leaders go out of their way to make sure they set clear expectations. When the expectations you set are unclear, you are setting yourself up for missed deadlines and…

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How to De-escalate a Situation 600 338 Dr. David Arrington

How to De-escalate a Situation

How do you regain control of a conversation gone wrong? How can you de-escalate a situation? Let’s look at 3 ways to do just that.

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Leadership v. Management
Leadership v. Management 600 338 Dr. David Arrington

Leadership v. Management

How do you tell the difference or is there a difference between leadership and management? Let’s take a few minutes and find out how they are different and which one…

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9 Ways to Avoid Soul-Crushing Clients 474 259 Dr. David Arrington

9 Ways to Avoid Soul-Crushing Clients

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. – Maya Angelou A recent get-to-know-you meeting went fantastically wrong. In retrospect, I believe the meeting was doomed…

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Put a Ring on It Video Series 1024 432 Dr. David Arrington

Put a Ring on It Video Series

It’s time to stop dating our goals and put a ring on them. Let’s up our commitment level so we can stop just talking about our goals and actually achieve…

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No Regrets Video Series 1024 442 Dr. David Arrington

No Regrets Video Series

Life is too short to make avoidable mistakes or to make choices you will regret. In this series, we look at ways to live life without regrets. Subscribe to my…

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Becoming Unstoppable Video Series 1024 455 Dr. David Arrington

Becoming Unstoppable Video Series

This video series is the result of a number of conversations with people who were talented and successful but still doubting themselves. The purpose of this series is to provide…

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summer leadership reading list
Summer Reading List 1024 606 Dr. David Arrington

Summer Reading List

If you are looking for a great reading list for those lazy summer afternoons, look no further. This is a short list of some of the books I have read and…

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