Imagine Me Year 1 1024 574 Dr. David Arrington

Imagine Me Year 1

10 Things to STOP Doing 600 331 Dr. David Arrington

10 Things to STOP Doing

As entrepreneurs, we are pulled in 100 different directions. How can we tell what to do and what not to do? Here are 10 things need to say NO! to.

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Creating the Future 600 338 Dr. David Arrington

Creating the Future

The future is coming whether we are prepared for it or not. Why stumble into an accidental future when you can create the future you really desire. In this course,…

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Step Into Your Moment 1024 518 Dr. David Arrington

Step Into Your Moment

What happens if your big moment shows up and you aren’t ready? Imagine if your moment passed you by and you did even notice. This is a talk given to…

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5 Minute Business Plan 1024 682 Dr. David Arrington

5 Minute Business Plan

Business plans are necessary and important, but usually too cumbersome so most business owners don’t even create one. The other side of the equation is that business owners spend weeks…

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The Power of Facebook Marketing 1024 572 Dr. David Arrington

The Power of Facebook Marketing

Getting your business in front of the right people is critical to your success. In this course Jeraud Norman shares some ways to use Facebook to do just that. To…

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Branding 101 1024 576 Dr. David Arrington

Branding 101

In this short course, Deonna Lindsay-Lewis, CEO of Brandsmash demystifies branding and shares how we can brand ourselves and our businesses effectively. Feel free to connect with Deonna at

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Reclaim Your Mojo 600 400 Dr. David Arrington

Reclaim Your Mojo

We all get knocked down, but we choose how long we stay down. In this short course, you will learn 5 ways to get your mojo back.

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Staying Focused on YOUR Destination 600 400 Dr. David Arrington

Staying Focused on YOUR Destination

Being able to stay focused on your destination despite difficulties and setbacks is a hallmark of success. Being focused and persistent will ensure you reach your goal. This short course…

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