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​Make Today Count!

Making Progress Toward The Right Goals

​Format: 30-90 minute keynote, seminar, breakout, or workshop​

​Life moves fast and ​you and your team can ​get lost in the noise of the most urgent crisis. Long-term goals are often the first casualties when this happens​. ​After a few setbacks it is easy to ​slip into someday/maybe mode or settle for the status quo.

In this talk we help you and your team to regain control by putting ​your goals and priorities back in focus ​with 4 proven ways to help ​replenish your energy, renew your motivation, and stay focused so you can hit your big goals.

The program is perfect for:
  • Senior Management
  • Front-line professionals
  • Managers and team leaders
  • High-stress/pressure job roles

​In This Session Learn

  • ​How to integrate long-term goals into daily thinking
  • ​How to stay motivated after setbacks
  • ​Why New Year's Resolutions hurt you all year ​
  • ​To reengage your personal and team priorities
  • ​How to deal with procrastination

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