Rolling with the Punches

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​Rolling with The Punches

​Adapting To Rapid Change

rolling with the punches

​Format: 30-​90 minute ​keynote, seminar, breakout, or workshop​

Ours is a marketplace in constant flux. Change is the only constant. Yet implementing change that lasts is very difficult. Look around companies l​arge and small are struggling to stay afloat and profitable in a world that keeps getting smaller.

In this talk, we address common reasons people resist change and 5 ways your team can anticipate and adapt to change.

​The program is perfect for:
  • Senior Management
  • Front-line professionals
  • Managers and team leaders
  • High-stress/pressure job roles
  • Organization-wide meetings

​In This Session Learn

  • ​The different types of change we face
  • How to help your team embrace change
  • ​How to motivate your team during times of change
  • How to address change with your team

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