Providing Equity AND Engaging Parents Can Be Done In 15 Minutes Per Week or Less!

Imagine Me will reengage your middle and high school-aged at-risk students AND their parents .

“Connecting with and motivating your most vulnerable students can be done."

Every Student Has Unlimited Potential.

This is a guiding principle for us. We help teachers, like you, connect with and reengage their at-risk students.  We believe in every student, even the hard-to-reach ones.

Imagine Me™ is a 10-week program designed to uncover student's unlimited potential. The funny thing is most of the students we have had success with don't believe in themselves.  

They don't think that school even matters for them. They underestimate themselves and don't see a point to have dreams bigger than working at a low-paying job.

Imagine Me provides equity, leveling the playing field so that these students can succeed in school and beyond. We instill in each participating student the importance of a high school diploma in today’s knowledge economy.

We empower them to begin taking actions today that will create a better tomorrow. We help you connect them with resources through the school, and we highlight the connection between today’s performance and tomorrow’s success.

​Announcing Our Parent Success Program!

Based on all of the feedback we have received from teachers and schools we have worked with and people looking for a solution, we have added an entire additional Parent Success Program to Imagine Me.

This program will close the gap between school and home allowing parents to engage in their child's learning process and benefit themselves.

We understand that the students come from sometimes difficult home settings and without parental involvement our in-school efforts can be undermined in the home.

We have created a way to close that gap.

Providing equity and opportunity for students.


Providing students a place to consider their future.


Engaging parents as partners.

From 10+ Absences to College Bound And Bold!

We have worked with hundreds of students and each has had their own personal journey through the program.

One student we had the privilege of work with had 10+ absences (like the rest of her cohort), was an ESL student and really had no plans to attend college before the program

She went through the program and at the end I had the joy of speaking with her as she made it clear that not only had she made college a goal, but she had chosen the college she wanted to attend.

Here's where the boldness enters the picture, she chose a college on the other side of the country and is working to get her grades up so that she can attend AFTER she graduates! Not only does she want to graduate now, but she has a plan to attend college.

Imagine that, a young lady that wasn't consistently attending school and selected for participation based on her absences. She attended all 10 classes and is now college bound.

This is just one story. There are many more.

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    At-risk students resonate with Imagine Me. We have had success with the hard to reach populations because we understand them and know how to get and keep their attention.
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    Designed to work with your school schedule. We have learned a lot over the years. And we have designed Imagine Me to work with schools that have a free period and schools that don't.
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    We have a solution that will work for your students. What's been interesting is speaking with teachers and administrators from across the country and hearing how similar the concerns are from rural to urban settings. 

Providing Equity is the Problem... Imagine Me is the Solution.

I have been working with disadvantaged and at-risk students for over a decade. In the last few years, I have have seen the problem that educators, like you, have been facing. 

Hard-to-reach students that are full of potential but falling through the cracks. And the outlook for these students after school is not encouraging. 

But you are under your own pressures, having to get through the curriculum in a given period, helping your students pass the standardized tests, grading papers, and just having a life.

Imagine Me is the solution to helping you make sure that your at-risk students have a fighting chance. It provides an intentional, effective, and done-for-you program that can reengage your most vulnerable students and their parents.

You can make a huge difference in just 15 minutes per week, or less!

Imagine Me Is a Complete Solution for Your Disadvantaged Students


When You Need to Provide Equity for Students You Need a Done-For-You Solution Not Another Project.

Imagine Me is 10-week course that gives struggling students the tools and knowledge to break negative cycles, re-imagine their futures, and implement the changes they want to see around them.

Through interactive discussions, motivational videos, and a unique workbook, we change the future, one student at a time.

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    Engages Students: By harnessing their intrinsic motivators, your students will WANT to take control of their futures. You won't have to preach at them any more they will take control.
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    Engages Parents:  We have an entire program designed for busy parents that will engage parents in the process and create allies for success at home.
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    Works With Your Schedule: We understand that the school day is full. We offer a number of implementation options that will make Imagine Me a seamless addition to your school day. From class periods to all online we can accommodate your needs.
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    Done-For-You: Means that you can keep your disadvantaged students from becoming the wrong types of statistics with almost no additional impact on your schedule. About 15 minutes per week!
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    Multiple Uses: Imagine Me can be used as a way to provide equity AND it can be used as a suspension alternative. 

See what educators who have used Imagine Me have to say:

"Improved Grades and Attendance..."

“We did the Imagine Me program with a group of students who had 10 or more absences in an effort to improve attendance, grades, and motivate students on the right track.

The workbook and sessions held students accountable and helped them to see how goal setting can help them to reach their long-term dreams. 

By the end of the 10 weeks, over half of the group had improved grades and attendance, and received formal recognition from the program for their achievements.

These students responded well to the positive reinforcement and will likely continue to improve.” 

Amy Poindexter

GEAR UP Coordinator

"Shown Drastic Improvement..."

“David Arrington offered motivation and encouragement to our 11th academic group at Warwick High School. Our students have shown drastic improvement with their grades and seem genuinely excited to share their progress reports.

He has greatly impacted our student’s behavior and I’m confident that he has and will continue to influence their future decisions.”

Tamika Brice

Guidance Counselor

Schedule a Time To Talk!

No pressure. Just finding out if and how Imagine Me will benefit your students.

"Setting Goals..."

“I believe the most important idea would be the value of setting goals. He helped the students set personal and school-related goals including completing high school on time.

Dr. Arrington made this process very exciting and motivated the students to really look within.”

Rennee Townsend

Graduation Coach

"Gave everyone confidence..."

“The program boosted everyone’s confidence and gave me the steps I need to take to get better at what I need to do.”

Imagine Me Student

9th Grader

"Thinking about my future..."

“The most helpful idea I got was when Dr. Arrington asked us how we saw ourselves in 10 years. I really thought about that and I actually went home and started planning.”

Imagine Me Student

9th Grader

Can Your School Afford Imagine Me?

This is a question that we get often and the answer is YES! The real question you should be asking is, can your students afford for you NOT to use Imagine Me.

We have worked very hard on creating a product that creates real, tangible results in the lives of disadvantaged students.

We have pricing and payment options that make Imagine Me affordable for nearly every school and school district. Many of the schools we work with fund Imagine Me through GEAR UP or Title 1 funds. Others use grants to provide this life-altering program for their vulnerable students.

We promise that the value provided by Imagine Me through and our Parent Success Program will make the cost of Imagine Me seem like we are giving it away.

Your Students Are Depending On You!

The post high school options for many of your disadvantaged students are bleak and that's assuming they receive a high school diploma. 

If you use Imagine Me to provide them the equity and opportunity to see themselves and their futures differently it could mean the difference between college and prison. Literally.

Schedule a Time To Talk!

No pressure. Just finding out if and how Imagine Me will benefit your students.

"I want to provide each student the tools, motivation, and opportunity to live their most successful lives. Don't you?" - Dr. David Arrington

P.S.: Every day that goes by is one fewer day you have to make an impact in the lives of your most vulnerable students.

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