Become the Obvious Choice for the Next Promotion!

The MOMENTUM COMMUNITY is dedicated to your success. With accountability, a team feel, and collaboration you will increase your value inside of and outside of your organization. 

Collaborative Community

Gain insights from David and his team and the combined experience of all the members of the community.

Authority Building

Leverage your LinkedIn account to create and share content that will position you as a subject matter expert.

Weekly Live Conference Call

Get questions answered and receive training that will increase your value to your organization.

Develop a Plan

Move beyond wishing and hoping for a promotion to planning and positioning yourself for that promotion.

About five months ago, I engaged David for his coaching services because I knew I was at a crossroad in my career and I needed guidance. I realized the benefits of David’s coaching after our FIRST session. David’s enthusiasm, sincerity, and insight made me feel like I truly have a partner in the process.

Kedra van Putten, Adult Learning Professional

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