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Speaking & Keynotes


Speaking & Keynotes

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Speaking & Keynotes


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Speaking & Keynotes


Selecting a speaker is a huge responsibility. The speaker can make or break the success of an event that you have been planning for months. That’s why our stated goal is to make you look like a ROCKSTAR!


Dr. Arrington is a sought-after leadership and personal development speaker. David often speaks on leadership, team dynamics, accountability, and culture. Your audience will find him captivating and engaging. An experience with David goes beyond motivation and feel-good content to ideas with practical application that provide a strategic advantage, with a few laughs along the way.

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Leading retreats, team coaching, workshops, and training we bring our A-game!


David’s dynamic style and customized topics are designed to encourage healthy team dynamics, individual accountability, and transformational leadership. David provides solutions, not just talks.


We partner with you to ensure that your event hits the mark. Our efforts to create a phenomenal experience begin weeks in advance. We work diligently to understand your goals and your expectations so that we can provide the right boost for your organization.

Speaking & Keynotes

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Recommended to Executive Teams

I connected with David to explore the possibility of having him speak to a group of senior leaders in our organization. David was a pleasure to work with and impressed me with his sincere desire to understand the needs of our team so he could deliver the most helpful and appropriate message during his time with us. As a result, David’s content, delivery, insights, and perspectives were on point and very well received. I found David to be a thoughtful and articulate speaker with the ability to understand and connect with those around him in meaningful and valuable ways. I would highly recommend David as a resource for executive teams who value thought provoking and insightful perspectives.

David Read Director of Sales Operations

Top 3 Reasons to Book David For Your Next Event

"Rock Star" Status

David's presentation, information, and audience engagement will make you look like a "rock star"!

Thrilled Audience

Online or in-person David will connect with your audience and they will connect with him.

Practical Takeaways

David doesn't provide talks he provides solutions based on real-world experience and hard won lessons.

Popular Keynotes

Leading Under Pressure

Leaders are under more pressure than ever. Coronavirus, remote working, remote leading, unexpected homeschooling, and murder hornets are just a few of the stresses leaders face daily.

It's not just leaders that are stressed and overwhelmed. In this talk David shares 5 key insights that will help leaders successfully navigate their personal and professional lives during this incredibly stressful time.

In this session, participants will…

✅ Reimage what can be vs. trying to reclaim what was
✅ Learn to lead more fearlessly through uncertainty
✅ Realize what they need to do to thrive through the pandemic
✅ Prepare for the changes that are yet to come

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is daunting, and the difficulty is often in the execution. Steeped in history and grounded in today's reality, this talk takes the mystery out of creating a more diverse workplace, one conversation at time. In this talk David shares proven ways to break down barriers and build bridges in the workplace.

In this session, participants will...
✅ Learn how to have positive conversations on race
✅ Consider diversity as a force multiplier
✅ Discover why D&I is everyone’s responsibility
✅ Learn easy ways everyone can create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Communicating On Purpose

We have to communicate to get things done. We have to speak with colleagues, email bosses, sit in endless meetings all to communicate. Unfortunately, too often those communications are misunderstood.
From bruised egos to missed deadlines to team conflict, communication is both the problem and the solution. In this session David shares 5 proven methods to communicate on purpose.

In this session, participants will…
✅ Understand why communication often goes wrong
✅ Identify Communication killers to absolutely avoid
✅ Learn how communication impacts conflict
✅ Learn 5 Simple tricks that will improve anyone's communication skills

Popular Workshops

The Power of Focus

We all get distracted and small distractions over our day don’t just cost us minutes, they can cost us hours. Multiply that over a week, month, or year and the cost of being distracted adds up quickly.

In this talk we identify common distractions, how to mitigate them and provide 4 proven ways to remain focused even under hectic circumstances.

Rolling with The Punches

Ours is a marketplace in constant flux. Change is the only constant. Yet implementing change that lasts is very difficult. Look around companies large and small are struggling to stay afloat and profitable in a world that keeps getting smaller.

In this talk, we address common reasons people resist change and 5 ways your team can anticipate and adapt to change.

Becoming a Coaching Leader

Most supervisors, bosses, and leaders aren't great coaches or great motivators. We can fix that and help otherwise effective leaders avoid the pitfalls of coaching confusion while becoming better leaders.

Coaching isn't a fad, it's a relationship that can increase engagement, motivation, morale, and productivity.  

You can empower your team to solve their own problems when you think like a coaching leader.

Becoming Promotable

Everyone on your team wants to advance. Based on Dr. Arrington's Amazon Bestselling Book: Becoming Promotable this talk will empower your employees to take control of their career paths.  

Becoming Promotable deals with the career advancement challenges in a crowded workplace, how to demonstrate your value, highlight your potential and land your next promotion.

In this talk, we share 3 ways to move ahead in today's crowded, competitive job environment.

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What Our Clients Say

Directly Applicable to My Work

Dr. Arrington had great energy, which helped me remain attentive, during his presentation. The content he presented was refreshing, relevant, and directly applicable to my work.

Samantha Wright
SPAWAR System Center Atlantic, Engineer

Engaging, Humorous, & Relevant

David Arrington is very engaging with a realistic and humorous approach to addressing challenges within group dynamics. He keeps the discussions grounded and relevant to the issues at hand. His candid remarks will help you understand that change is a two-way street that needs to be passable in both directions.

Robin Thomas
Development Director

David made a fabulous motivational speech at our Rotary International District meeting. He researched and new his subject matter and had everyone excited. David is a man of high integrity, very personable, and the kind of person people will want to be associated.

Steven Beer
Rotary Governor

Enlightening, thought, and change-focused

Dynamic presentation that encouraged increased dialog to motivate participate to be better agents of leadership change within our span of control. Enlightening, thought, and change-focused.

Lara Good
Product Support Functional Lead

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