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Phenomenal at a Few Things
Instead of Mediocre at Many

We Believe in Results
Over Promises

Success at work but not at home is an unmitigated fail. We encourage holistic success, one that never sacrifices family for financial gain. We help our clients balance their home lives with their business lives so that they can succeed in both.

Each session is focused, fun, and results-driven. We believe in results over promises, so we work with our clients identify the right goals and craft a plan to achieve them. Then we take the journey with our clients. We are there every step of the way. Our process is designed to bring out the best in our clients and help them provide their best in every situation.

Executive & Team Coaching
Helping Leaders Unleash the Awesome!

Coaching is a transformational relationship. We approach coaching from a holistic, client-centered, and results-oriented perspective. Acting as thinking partner we help you reduce stress, identify and accomplish the right goals, make phenomenal decisions, and actually have time to spend with the people you love. We turn down the noise so that executives, business owners, and teams can focus and succeed.

Team building takes many forms, but they all start with your unique team dynamics. If you need an outdoor team building experience, a weekend executive leadership team retreat, or an onsite workshop we can facilitate it. 

If you are:
• transitioning into a new position,
• looking to 
position your company for growth,
• leading a group that couldn’t be confused for a team,
• trying to increase productivity,
• simply tired of being overstressed and overwhelmed, we can help. 

Keynotes and Workshops
Educating and Inspiring!

We know selecting a keynote speaker is a huge responsibility. The speaker can make or break the success of an event that you have been planning for months. That’s why our stated goal is to make you look like a ROCKSTAR! 

We partner with you to ensure that your event hits the mark. Our work doesn’t begin the day of the event, it begins weeks in advance. We work diligently to understand your goals and your expectations so that we knock it out of the park before we get to the podium.

Our wheelhouse topics are business, leadership, team dynamics, business, change, employee engagement and motivation. We have several popular keynotes and workshops that we give and we can develop a custom keynote or workshop for your organization. These workshops are applicable for ongoing leadership training and all other corporate training and alignment needs.

Some of our popular talks are:
• Listening for Leaders
• Creating the Future
• Leading Change
• The Power of Focus
• Building Your A-Team
• The New Rules of Teaming in a Global Economy

“AWESOME! AMAZING! Seriously, the best speaker and presentation in my 7 years in this organization!”
– Rachel Kilner, Hourigan Construction

Speaking Samples

Actionable Insight

We are often called in to help organizations understand and realign their culture, increase employee engagement, facilitate change, create a coaching culture, or help current leadership understand their millennial coworkers. We partner with our hiring organizations to assist them in uncovering the root causes, not just the less visible symptoms. We then present, and in some cases execute, customized, actionable, cutting-edge solutions and recommendations.

We can do the same for you.

Change Leadership

Leaders, before you try to implement changes that you have been working on for months, call us. We can help you sidestep the landmine you are about to tap dance on. We can help minimize the organizational stall that every change initiative inevitably creates.


We help organizations stop trying to manage change and start leading their organizations through it! We help organizations do the right things, in the right ways because we understand change psychology and change leadership. 

Growing, healthy organizations implement change for any number of reasons: mergers and acquisitions, adapting to market changes, responding to recent growth, and the list goes on. Change is a good thing, but it can have unintended negative consequences if it is mishandled.

Employee Engagement

Employees become engaged when they not only identify with but internalize the mission and vision of the organization and see themselves as integral parts of that vision and it’s realization. Engagement occurs when employees connect with the mission on a personal level. It’s not where they work, but it’s their company, their tribe.

Creating a Coaching Culture

We help organizations raise the bar on productivity and profitability organization-wide by training leaders to coach their staff, helping staff understand how coaching helps, and working coaching into the fabric of the organization.

Creating Learning Organizations

Knowledge is far more valuable than information, yet organizations fail to harness the majority of the knowledge they have in-house. We help organizations identify precious tribal knowledge, create organizational knowledge flows, and work to engage every employee in the organization’s long-term success.

Organizational Visioning & Strategic Planning

When we are hired to help with strategic visioning and planning, we help you identify the variables that can derail your business. We work to draw out the big vision you have for your organization and help you craft an actionable plan to make that vision reality.

We facilitate the strategic planning and strategic visioning processes so that you end up with more than words on a plaque or a great 100-page report that gets left in a drawer.

Strategic Foresight

Helping our clients to anticipate what could be in the very long-term. This type of thinking can give rise to amazing and innovative ideas that wouldn’t have been considered without this long view. Strategic foresight also helps organizations anticipating potential market shifts and prepare accordingly.