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30-Minute Complimentary
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What You Can Expect

In 30 Minutes, You Gain...

  • Identify your primary career, leadership, or business challenge.
  • Clarify your 12-month goals.
  • A sample of my coaching style and Insight into my coaching process.
  • Clear understanding of next steps.


  • Any hard sell tactics. They Suck.
  • Any strings attached.

I can't speak with everyone (as much as I would love to)...

I don't have time to speak with everyone who applies. I will review your application and if I believe that I can assist you I will take the meeting you schedule. 

If not, I will cancel the meeting, no hard feelings. If you still feel we should speak, you can schedule a paid pick my brain session.

Take the next step to becoming a high-potential leader (that everyone loves)!

Client Results

Working with David was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it. He is an outstanding executive coach and has helped me stay focused on the big picture issues. I really appreciate that his coaching was a space completely separated from my organization.

Khalilah Harrison

Executive Director, YMCA

If you are looking for an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, trainer, or coach, I highly recommend the DOCTOR! You'll be happy you've engaged with him if you want to take your performance and your team's performance to new heights.

Sharon Fanto

Group VP, Cox Media

Take the next step to becoming a high-potential leader (that everyone loves)!

Great Reasons to Apply

Great Reasons To Apply

  • You Need a Strategic Advantage
    You want to be a high potential leader in your organization and can't crack the code. You want to be a more promotable, influential, and effective leader. Schedule a talk.
  • You Want Double Your Revenue in the Next 2 Years
    You've read all the books and listened to all the podcasts but nothing's working. Yup, call me.
  • You Want to be Promoted
    You've been passed over and you want to make sure it doesn't happen again. You feel it's time for you to upgrade your skills so you can be a high potential. Let's talk.
  • You've Been Promoted
    Now you have more responsibilities, increased expectations, new  reporting structure, more direct reports and more stress. Yeah, we should talk.
  • You Need a Phenomenal Speaker for Your Event
    You need to motivate and educate your team and need a home run. Someone who can keep their attention, connect and get everyone on the same page. Let's coordinate calendars.
  • Your Need To Increase Staff Productivity
    You need to increase productivity, create a common vocabulary, need someone to have the conversation that's too hot for your to have. Yup, call me.

Not-so Great Reasons To Apply

  • It's Free, So Why Not?
    Free does not mean without value. Your time is precious as is mine. These sessions are reserved for people who are serious about moving forward. If you don't have a solid leadership or business reason to talk then we shouldn't.
  • I Just Need to "Talk To Somebody"
    This isn't a great reason to schedule a time to talk because I don't have answers to everything. Think of me when you need leadership, personal, or business development assistance.
  • I'm Lonely
    I'm sorry but that's not what these sessions are for.

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