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What You Can Expect

​In 30 Minutes, You Gain...

  • Identify your primary career, leadership, or business challenge.
  • ​Clarify your 12-month goals​.
  • ​A sample of my coaching style and ​Insight into my coaching process.
  • Clear understanding of ​next steps.


  • ​Any hard sell tactics. They Suck.
  • ​Any strings attached.

I can't speak with everyone (as much as I would love to)...

I don't have time to speak with everyone who applies. I will review your application and if I believe that I can assist you I will take the meeting you schedule. 

If not, I will cancel the meeting, no hard feelings. If you still feel we should speak, you can schedule a paid pick my brain session.

Take the ​next step to ​becoming a high-potential leader (that everyone loves)!

Client Results

​Working with David was exactly what I needed at the time I needed it. He is an outstanding executive coach and has helped me stay focused on the big picture issues. I really appreciate that his coaching was a space completely separated from my organization.

​Khalilah Harrison

​Executive Director, YMCA

​If you are looking for an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, trainer, or coach, I highly recommend the DOCTOR! You'll be happy you've engaged with him if you want to take your performance and your team's performance to new heights.

​Sharon Fanto

​Group VP, Cox Media

Take the ​next step to ​becoming a high-potential leader (that everyone loves)!

Great Reasons to Apply

​Great Reasons To Apply

  • ​You ​Need a Strategic Advantage
    You want to be a high potential leader in your organization and can't crack the code. You want to ​be ​a more promotable, influential, and effective ​leader. Schedule a talk.
  • You ​Want ​Double ​Your ​Revenue in the ​Next 2 ​Years
    ​You've read all the books and listened to all the podcasts but nothing's working. ​​​ Yup, call me.
  • ​You Want ​to be Promoted
    ​You've been passed over and you want to make sure it doesn't happen again. ​You feel it's time for you to upgrade your skills ​so you can be a high potential. Let's talk.
  • You've Been Promoted
    ​Now you have more responsibilities, increased expectations, new  reporting structure, more direct reports and more stress. Yeah, we should talk.
  • You Need a Phenomenal Speaker for Your Event
    ​You ​need to motivate and educate your team and need a ​home run. Someone who can keep their attention, connect and get everyone on the same page. ​Let's coordinate calendars.
  • Your ​Need ​To Increase Staff Productivity
    You ​need to increase productivity, create a common vocabulary, need someone to have the conversation that's too hot for your to have. Yup, call me.

​Not-so Great Reasons To Apply

  • ​It's Free, So Why Not?
    ​Free does not mean without value. Your time is precious as is mine. These sessions are reserved for people who are serious about moving forward. If you don't have a solid leadership or business reason to talk then we shouldn't.
  • ​I Just Need to "Talk To Somebody"
    ​This isn't a great reason to schedule a time to talk because I don't have answers to everything. ​​Think of me ​when you need leadership, personal, or business development assistance.
  • ​I'm Lonely
    ​I'm sorry but that's not what these sessions are for.

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