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30 Days of Success
What You Can Expect

My name is David Arrington and I am here to help you keep your new year’s resolutions. If you are like most people you are really excited about the New year and the potential for you to really breakthrough this year. That’s great, but if you are like most people your resolutions will be dead or dying by Jan 15. So for the first time I’m going to do 30 days to success. Every day in January I am going to post a short video to help you stay on track to make this year your best year ever!

I am committed to seeing you successful this year and beyond the videos, I have created a workbook for you to use along with this for free. The workbook is designed to help you start strong and stay strong. There is a link below the video where you can get the workbook. Much of what I am going to share with you this month is what I share with my coaching clients and organizations speak to. This stuff works. So I know that if you stay with me for 30 days, you will gain proven insights, and techniques to not only keep your resolutions but to achieve even your stretch goals and we may even have a few laughs along the way.

Your Breakthrough Year Starts...NOW!