​Take control of your life, ​eliminate procrastination, gain confidence, become ​​a finisher ​

These are the same principles and techniques I've used to grow my business to 6-figures in a year.

What People Are Saying

"​​David, I credit you for being such an instrumental component to my life-path change. So many wonderful things have already manifested since I started to take your advice. Not only are you inspiring, but your lessons are calculative and comprehensive. The framework you've put in place as far as what you address, how you address it, the linear steps involved, and the key strategy tips you sprinkle in have all been exactly what they needed to be."

​​​​Lauren Marie Huesman-Cook

30 Days of Success

  • ​Create an Action Plan
  • ​Adopt an action-oriented mindset
  • Reprogram your thinking
  • ​Become the hero of your story
  • ​Identify your long term goals
  • ​Push past procrastination
More productive in 30 days

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

You don't need any prior experience or advanced degrees to get the most out of this course. 30 Days was designed to help you if you had goals and didn't know what to do next or if you needed help clarifying your goals and moving forward.

We will cover 30 success principles that will help you take your current goals and make them more actionable or help you get clear on what you want to do next.

​Goals: Clarity, Focus & A Way Forward

We connect the dots so that the success principles we present all work together and help you create your action plan. ​Wishes and hopes don't get results, but plans well executed do. ​

We help you create the plan that will lead you to results.

​Course Duration: ​5 Weeks

​30 Days. 30 Sessions. It takes about 30 days or 5 weeks to create a new habit. So ​we made this course, originally to be ​experienced daily for 5 weeks or 30 days.

You can consume it however you like, binge watch, skip around or watch the sessions sequentially. Either way the course has 5 weeks of content that you have lifetime access ​to.

​Course Format: Online ​Video, Audio, Transcripts, & Workbook

We connect the dots so that the success principles we present all work together and help you create your action plan. ​

Wishes and hopes don't get results, but plans well executed do. ​We help you create the plan that will lead you to results.

​Mindset Coaching Program

​30 Days of Success is a mindset coaching program based on the principles I've used to grow my business to 6 figures. These are the same principles I use as an executive coach and leadership trainer ​when working with my clients.

It ​will help you get out of your own way by asking you the tough, questions you might otherwise avoid. ​Then it's all about making the right moves, moves ​that move you closer to your goals.

This program will help you to

  • understand yourself better,
  • understand what's been holding you back,
  • understand your big goals,
  • become more action oriented,
  • ​create an action plan to reach your goals,
  • and understand what ​next steps you should take

​Who is Dr. David Arrington Anyway?

David Arrington Speaking to a group of young professionals

​Dr. Arrington speaking to a group of young professionals.

David has been a world-wide recruiting manager, a senior pastor, a network engineer, and a business owner. ​Currently he is the CEO of Arrington Coaching where he ​works with senior leaders and their teams to get everyone on the same page. David ​conducts organizational leadership training ​for a number of companies and the military. 

He also ​leads ​Imagine Me, a program he created to give at-risk middle and high school students the tools and motivation they need to succeed. 

David often speaks to groups on leadership and peak performance and is an avid student of success. 

David's doctorate is in Strategic Leadership with a concentration in coaching.

​The mindset skills, strategies, and techniques that I use to coach CEOs and presidents ​and share with audiences ​are the same principles I share with you in this program.

Why Choose 30 Days of Success?

​What is 30 Days of Success?

​30 Days of Success is 5-week online course designed to be a wake up call for those of us who struggle to ​execute on our good intentions. It includes ​a downloadable workbook. It shows you how to reengage your big goals and move past your fears.

​​Who is this designed for?

​30 Days of Success is for anyone who ​wants ​to clarify their goals, crystallize their vision of success, and create a roadmap to get you from here to there. ​If you want more out of life and need that motivation and push to reach for more, this is for you. It ​will help you gain clarity and focus regardless of previous experience or knowledge.

​How does it work?

​​We created this to ​be completed at your pace. The program is broken up into short videos and a workbook that you complete when you have time. You can binge watch them or watch one a day.

But it only works if you work it. The videos and workbook ​work together to ​give you a chance to answer the questions we generally don't ask.

​When does the course start?

​As soon as you ​purchase the course, you gain access. It's an online course that you can work through as fast or as slowly as you would like.

And you have lifetime access. You can come back to the course as many times as you want.

​Why does 30 Days exist?

​For all of the people who have big goals but no roadmap to achieve them. For the 30 and 40-somethings that are still trying to figure out what they want to do. For you if you need that clarity and focus to move from good intentions to results.

We created it to help people stop hoping that things would get better and take the steps to ​​make things better. Initially to help people ​keep their ​New Year's resolutions, but it became more than that. It became a way to empower people to aim higher and reclaim control in their lives.

What People Are Saying

"Thanks David. I like 30 days of success!!! Good job! Your enthusiasm makes me want to move, move, move!"

​​​Ani Hakobyan

What Will You Learn?

Below are some of the principles covered in 30 Days of Success

​Own Solutions

​How much time have you spent ​rehearsing problems ​that you haven't solved. It can ​feel like you are stuck in a loop. That is a clear sign that you only own the problem.

​Dig Deep

​​Success is elusive. ​How long can you keep going before you give up? You probably know that success will take time, but are you really ready for the long road ahead? Most people aren't.


​​How can you balance your career, your business, your personal life, and your ambition? Having the life you dream about is great but what will you ​sacrifice to achieve it? Where will you draw the line?

​Build Solid Relationships

​Success is never a solo ​trip. You need people who will believe in you when you struggle to believe in yourself. ​

​Your Most Powerful Word

​How to use one of ​the most powerful tools you have to avoid procrastination and wasting time.

​If You Have What It Takes

If you are going to succeed, you will have to put in the work, the long hours, the time, effort, and energy to succeed. Many people don't have ​the ability to succeed, ​do you have what it takes to make ​it happen?

​The Power of Choice

​We will help you understand the choices you will need to make and help you gain clarity on what choices you should make for yourself. You are in complete control and you decide how your story unfolds.

​Negativity Shutdown

​Are you your worst critic? Probably. ​When you are working to be extraordinary ​it's easy to be too hard on yourself. ​We will help you break the cycle of negative self-talk that can and probably already has robbed you of opportunities.

​This is just a sampling of what you will learn ​from 30 Days of Success.

What People Are Saying

"​​​​​​​​I​ started 30 Days of Success January 3. ​Thanks so much. ​Last year I tried another kind of 30 day ​program ​and it did not work. ​So THANK YOU again 1000 times more!!!"

​​​Radu Radulescu

What Will You Receive?

​Lifetime Access

​​You can come back to the training as often as you need to. It will be there.

​Complete Program

A course designed to help get clear on your goals and create an action plan to ​achieve them. ​​​Workbook, videos, transcripts, and audio elements of the course.


​​Become more clear about your goals and how to achieve them. ​​Confront​limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

​Action Plan

​​Through this process you will create an action plan that will help you move toward your BIG Goals.

​30 Day Money Back Guarantee

​If you go through the course and it doesn't work for you we will give you your money back.

What People Are Saying

"​​​30 Days of Success is now part of my morning routine! TY"

​​​Linda Jenkins

​"​​Inspiring message for today. Too often I dwell on the past failures...not today. I'm focusing on preparation for my new job and new future. As always thank you David!​"

​​Leilani Hopkins

​"​​If you dont like your present, change it!"

​​​Tammy Carlson

​"​Another great video! I'm definitely going to turn up the enthusiasm."

​​​Carlyle van Putten

More productive in 30 days

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