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Upcoming Events

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Mambo Room Cultural Events Center
400-B W 21st Street
Norfolk, VA 23517

[vc_heading h_size=”h-large” title=”Networking Like a BOSS!” title_color=”#000000″ subtitle=”Mastering the Art of Networking” subtitle_color=”#bea67b” divider=”div-below” divider_type=”tilt”]

Networking is more art than science. Many of us attend a lot of networking events, but don’t get anything out of the experience. We return to our offices with stacks of business cards, but don’t know how to transition those contacts into anything more.

Well, it’s time for that to stop! In this limited seating 3-hour interactive learning experience you will learn how to:

• Ditch the elevator pitch!
• Escape a “talker”!
• Create a Networking Strategy!
• Understand the real reason for networking!
• Leverage your network to increase your net worth!

Seating is limited and we have a hard cap at 20 people for this session. If you want to upgrade your networking to BOSS status, you should register today.


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ODU Innovation Center
501 Boush St
Norfolk, VA 23510

[vc_heading h_size=”h-large” title=”Presenting Like a BOSS!” title_color=”#000000″ subtitle=”Have any audience eating out of your hand!” subtitle_color=”#bea67b” divider=”div-below” divider_type=”tilt” divider_color=”#30b9e6″]

How you present can be the difference between landing a promotion, securing venture capital, or picking up a new client.

Yet when surveys are done on fears, public speaking is generally at the top of the list, even above dying! But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. You can learn to hold the attention of and even captivate an audience.

Presenting Like a BOSS is at the heart of business success.

Who should attend Presenting Like a BOSS?

  • Executives and business owners who need to present to their clients, boards of directors or venture capitalists.
  • Managers who need to present to their teams and upper management.
  • Employees who need to make presentations to management.
  • Speakers who want to sharpen their presentation skills.

Presenting Like a BOSS is a fun and engaging 2-hour workshop that will change your perspective on public speaking and provide you tips on making your next presentation phenomenal. During this limited-seating workshop you will learn how to:

• Command any room.
• Making boring topics fun.
• Create a dialogue with your audience.
• Get past a fear of public speaking.
• Succeed BEFORE you stand up.
• Understand the SECRET to public speaking.

Seating is limited and we have a hard cap at 20 people for this session and sessions frequently sell out. Register today.