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Our executive coaching and executive leadership development enables senior executives to adapt, innovate, and thrive in today's rapidly changing business landscape.


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Beyond Important

Executive coaching plays a critical role in achieving big picture organizational objectives and should be part of every leadership development portfolio.

Helping us build a strong leadership pipeline

We partnered with David Arrington for executive coaching to help us build a strong leadership pipeline for the future growth of our company. Within a short period, we began to reap the benefits of his positive and professional coaching style. We consider him a valuable resource to help aid us in the growth of our executives.

Lynn Amann
Director of Operations

Our approach to executive coaching

Progress in every session

Each leader and situation is unique,  therefore we leverage our experience in numerous industries with hundreds of coaching clients to identify parallels in order to shorten learning curve. 

Executive coaching is a senior leadership development strategy that provides just-in-time, tailored feedback and insights to your executives and c-suite contributors.

We provide positive accountability, an experienced and confidential thinking partner, and leverage our ASCEND process to provide a return on investment in each session.

what is executive coaching?

Decision-making Secret Weapon 

For us, executive coaching is a transformationalconfidential, and transparent relationship. We provide our clients the much needed space to think in the high-stakes, rapidly changing, world environment which they call their day job. This enables them to move out of "reaction mode", plan ahead and lead courageously.

During executive coaching engagements we may spend time developing executive leadership skills, but we see executive coaching from a more strategic perspective.

From where we sit the primary differentiator between executive coaching and other types of coaching we offer comes down to scope.


C-level executives and senior leaders wrestle with decisions that have a broader scope and impact than leaders at other organizational levels.

For us, it's assisting leaders to make the best choices in these higher-stakes scenarios that sets executive coaching apart from leadership coaching.

who we work with

Key decision-makers preparing for what's next.

We have coached senior leaders and executives from many industries and organization sizes. Our clients have hailed from technology, government, military, real estate, construction, non-profit, legal, healthcare, transportation; Fortune 50 to medium-sized businesses to name a few.

We are often asked if we can help specific leaders, the answer is yes, assuming they are open to coaching and working within our process.

Our coaching approach has proven successful with leaders from all walks of life. And we enjoy working with executives from all ethnicities, all races, all creeds, and preferences. 

The pace of change will only continue to quicken. We can help all of your executives stay ahead of the curve. Our coaching process is designed to conform to each executive's skillset, strengths.

Reasons to hire an executive coach

Accelerated executive development

There are many good reasons to hire an executive coach for your leaders. Some of the reasons our clients hire us are:

  • to help leaders adapt to change
  • additional support for a new executive
  • preparation for an executive role
  •  additional support in new and changing situations
  • to increase organizational impact
  • to overcome negative behaviors
  • refine executive presence
  • to improve team performance
  • to improve individual performance
  • as an executive benefit
  • to clarify vision 
  • to increase organizational bench strength

Executive coaching expectations


We expect that leaders will make time for sessions and be prepared to put in the work required to achieve their outcomes. 

You can expect:

  • a structured but flexible process
  • experienced executive coaches
  • a coach that can help you solve problems
  • a thinking partner
  • us to be punctual and prepared
  • our sessions to be enjoyable and practical
  • to see results by the 3rd session

We expect:

  • you to inform us if your schedule changes
  • be punctual and prepared
  • you to work within our process
  • you to be open to different ideas
  • you to be willing to do the work

Executive coaching outcomes

Real-world outcomes

Understanding that each executive coaching engagement is unique, we are proud to say that we have helped senior leaders in many organizations achieve their goals. Some of those outcomes were:

  • over $1M increase in revenue after 6 months
  • create diversity, equity and inclusion processes
  • create an action-oriented organizational culture
  • clarify organizational vision and mission 
  • reinvigorate leaders on the verge of burnout  
  • measurable YoY financial gains
  • create space for work/life balance
  • preparation for c-level roles
  • increased leadership effectiveness
  • individual performance improvement
  • leadership skill development
  • team performance improvement
  • building boards of directors
  • help leaders navigate the changing business landscape
  • clarify personal and professional goals
  • avoiding costly mistakes

Intense, Challenging & Extremely Rewarding

Working with David as a coach is intense, challenging, and extremely rewarding. David is genuine and caring, and he develops a strong relationship during the coaching journey. Working with David ensures you will challenge norms, meet goals, and grow as a leader.

Tracy Keller

Assisted my development as a C-suite level executive

David has assisted my development as a C-suite level executive in leadership. I have worked with him for six months and his program is both well organized and easily digestible. He helped me see through various work-life barriers and strengthened my approach to conflict resolution. He reminds me life is worth smiling about! In working with David and his program for six months, I achieved deeper insight into myself but also how others perceived my contributions. This allowed me to improve in soft skill areas and be more mindful of how important effective communication is. David made our sessions easy to comply to and work within my busy schedule. I look forward to taking some newfound listening and planning skills into my leadership thanks to Arrington Coaching!

Michelle Hines
Chief Financial Officer

Why Choose Us:


You look for a coach to help you achieve stretch goals. We get that. Which is why from our first goals conversation and in each session your goals are the top priority. 


You want results. That's fair. We help you achieve those results because of our proprietary ASCEND process which we've honed over a decade of working with CEOs and executives, like you. 


You are busy leading your organization. We get that and our approach is designed to ensure you succeed in every aspect of your life. Not just work.


We've worked with dozens of CEOs, executives, and their teams. We know what keeps you up at night. We know how to help you achieve the goals that matter most.


How long does executive coaching engagement usually last?

Coaching is a process and while we will make progress quickly, creating lasting benefits often takes about 12 months. Our minimum coaching engagement is 9 months.

How much does executive coaching cost?

We offer a number of executive leadership development options at varying price points. We can work with almost any budget.

If you would like to get pricing for your particular circumstance or organizational needs, let's schedule a time to speak.

Can you guarantee results from executive coaching?

Guarantee results, no. There are so many factors at play that are outside of our control. What we can say is our process is designed to generate results. We work diligently in every session to create an evironment where our clients can gain insights and make progress.

Based on our experience, the majority of our clients see tangible results and gain valuable insights within the first several sessions.

Leadership coaching is an intense process and when clients do the work, they see results.

Can you coach multiple members of the same executive team?

Absolutely and often. When we do it accelerates how quickly positive organizational change occurs.

We are confidential thinking partners. What is told to us in confidence is kept in confidence.

In the instances when we have been honored to work with multiple members of the same team It's provided us deeper insight into some of the underlying social, political, cultural, and interpersonal dynamics.

The more we know the more we can help.

How many executive coaching sessions are included per month?

We offer two (2) scheduled virtual coaching sessions per month. Additionally our coaches are available for quick coaching calls and/or direct messaging.

Conducting coaching sessions virtually provides leaders flexibility and allows the process to integrate more seamlessly into our clients busy schedules. And in today's unpredictable climate, just makes sense.

Should you need additional support, schedules permitting, you can schedule another call.

Are there any prerequisites to executive coaching?

Fundamentally, to be ready to fully engage in the coaching process, an individual would need to be open to change and willing to work within our process. 

Need these results for in organization?

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