ASCEND Executive Leadership Certificate Program

Facilitating the development of resilient, transformational, and inclusive leaders able to leverage the collective strengths of their teams to create healthy cultures and organizational success.

Why Choose ASCEND

The ASCEND Executive Leadership Certificate Program has a singular focus to enable good managers and effective supervisors to become capable, trusted leaders by identifying blind spots, honing leadership skills, and instilling confidence. Using a virtual cohort, 360° assessments, executive coaching, and proven leadership training students are challenged to rethink their leadership approach, address their leadership blind spots, and increase their leadership capacity.

The ASCEND Executive Leadership Certificate Program fosters collaborative learning and students receive proven, practical, and relevant insights needed to engage, encourage, and excel in today's rapidly changing global workplace.


Designed to work with a leader's busy schedule, not add to it. The program is both guided and self-paced.


The principles and concepts taught throughout the program are supported by theory and proven in the real world.

high impact

Real-time feedback coupled with engaging courses accelerates learning and practical application.


Learners will receive the skills they need to lead in today's fluid, fast-paced, competitive environment.

Here's What Some of Our Clients Have to Say


Managing, Supervising & Leading

Most employees leave bosses, not jobs. Leaders have far more influence on their teams than they understand. This course is a primer for those new to management and a refresher for more seasoned leaders. Dealing with the fundamentals of leading teams to get results.

Providing Strategic Direction

One of the fundamental differences between leadership and management is a vision. Understanding the direction an organization needs to go requires insight, judgment, and execution. The ability to provide strategic direction in certain and uncertain times is what separates leaders from managers. 

Clear & Effective Communication

Leaders at all levels often must communicate to different audiences, often simultaneously. This course covers effective communication as it relates to individual, group, organizational, and strategic communication and communicating a long-term vision and direction.

Getting Results with Positive Accountability

Accountability has been turned into a dirty word. But what is accountability? Hint: it’s not blame and shame. Accountability is the process of helping people succeed. But what does accountability look like? How can we practice positive, preemptive accountability? How important is it for leaders to be accountable as they hold others accountable? 

Leading Change that Lasts

Leading change is a specific skill set. How can you lead your organization through changes expected and unexpected? How can your leaders lead in an environment of rapid and non-stop change? Change leadership is essential in today’s environment and a reality for organizations seeking to retain competitive advantages. 

Creating Healthy Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is central to employee engagement, morale, and productivity; not to mention hiring retaining top performers. We like to think of culture as the air of your organization, nobody notices it until it stinks! Culture is invisible and intangible while at the same time critical to the functioning of your organization. 

Presenting Like a BOSS

Leaders are communicators. Often leaders need to present their ideas in compelling and engaging ways to gain support, provide assurance, or encourage their organization. Here’s the catch, most people would rather die than present to a group. In this interactive course, participants learn how to use and apply a critical-thinking model that will become the starting point for workplace presentations. 

Leading High-Performing Teams

Many of today’s teams are geographically dispersed, culturally diverse, and/or represent multiple generations. This course is designed to help leaders foster communication, collaboration, and cohesion as they relate to developing high-performing, self-managing teams.

What You Can Expect

Course Length

4 weeks

Program Duration

8 months

Cohort size

Under 40 executives

required effort

2-4 hours per week


100% online


Self-paced & Instructor-led

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. David Arrington

David’s stated mission is to impact an entire generation of leaders. With over 17 years of leadership and executive coaching experience, he is a force multiplier for executives and their teams.

He's the principal of Arrington Coaching, a much sought-after coach, speaker, and leadership trainer. He partners with C-level executives and their leadership teams increasing accountability, clarity, and focus. David's doctorate in strategic leadership and over a decade of pastoral experience allow him to help leaders find constructive and creative ways to bring the best out of their teams.

Key Program Takeaways

  • Learn the skills to unleash high-performance on any team
  • Learn how to keep team conflict healthy
  • Understand how to leverage positive accountability for results
  • Learn the keys to creating and casting a compelling vision
  • Gain the skills to create and sustain a healthy organizational culture
  • Learn how to communicate effectively across generations and cultures
  • Understand how to engage your team in the change process
  • Learn how to lead former colleagues
  • Learn to share your message effectively in team meetings and from the stage


  • Executives in any industry who need to refine their leadership skills
  • Mid-level leaders preparing for an executive level assignment
  • C-level executives who need to reshape their organizations

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