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Reshaping Executive Development: Achieving 40% Cost Savings while Driving Leadership Excellence and Growth

The Challenge

A government organization recognized the critical need to develop strong executive leadership skills among their upper mid-level managers. These managers played a vital role in driving organizational success, making strategic decisions, and shaping the future direction of the agency. However, the existing leadership development program posed significant challenges, prompting them to seek our expertise for a solution.

The organization faced financial limitations with the previous program, as the high costs associated with in-person training sessions made it prohibitive to send a substantial number of managers each year. This constraint hindered their ability to cultivate a broad and diverse pool of leadership talent, creating concerns around succession planning and overall bench strength.

Moreover, the in-person format presented logistical challenges that affected manager participation. The need for extensive travel, time away from work, and coordination with busy schedules proved inconvenient and sometimes impractical. As a result, some managers were unable to fully engage in the development program, limiting their access to crucial leadership skills and knowledge.

Given these concerns, the government organization sought our assistance to design a solution that addressed the financial limitations, logistical challenges, and the overall need to enhance their leadership development efforts.

the solution

To address the concerns raised by the government organization, our expertise was sought to design a comprehensive solution for their leadership development needs. As part of our approach, we leveraged our seasoned staff of executive coaches to provide virtual coaching, ensuring a personalized and tailored approach to each manager's development journey. We crafted the ASCEND Executive Leadership Development program, an 8-month certificate-based initiative that combines leadership courses, executive coaching, and an online cohort experience.

The ASCEND program encompasses a range of leadership courses that cover essential topics such as strategic decision-making, effective communication, team building, and change management. These courses are delivered through a combination of virtual instructor-led training, self-paced modules, and interactive exercises, providing a flexible and engaging learning environment.

In addition to the leadership courses, our executive coaching component plays a crucial role in the program. Our experienced executive coaches work closely with participants to provide personalized guidance, support, and feedback tailored to their individual development needs. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, managers receive valuable insights and strategies to enhance their leadership capabilities and address specific challenges they may face in their roles.

To foster collaboration and peer learning, the ASCEND program also includes an online cohort experience. Participants have the opportunity to connect and engage with other managers in a virtual setting, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and building a valuable network of like-minded professionals. The cohort experience creates a supportive community that enhances the learning journey and provides a platform for ongoing collaboration and growth.

Overall, the ASCEND Executive Leadership Development program offers a comprehensive and immersive experience designed to equip managers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to excel in their leadership roles. By combining leadership courses, executive coaching, and an online cohort, we provide a robust and transformative solution that addresses the organization's concerns, fosters leadership development, and contributes to the success of the government agency.

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"ASCEND has quickly become one of the most popular leadership development programs we offer."

The results

The implementation of our ASCEND Executive Leadership Development program yielded transformative results for the government organization. The comprehensive and immersive nature of the program successfully addressed their concerns and achieved the following outcomes:

Firstly, the program led to increased participation among managers, fostering a diverse pool of leadership talent and bolstering the organization's bench strength. Additionally, our program achieved significant cost savings, reducing their executive leadership development expenses by approximately 40% compared to the previous in-person approach. This allowed for optimized resource allocation and expanded the program's reach.

Moreover, our program quickly gained popularity and acclaim within the organization. With its virtual format, engaging content, and effective coaching, it has become one of the most sought-after and highly regarded leadership development programs offered. Managers eagerly participate and value the program's impact on their professional growth and leadership capabilities.

Furthermore, the virtual nature of the program provided convenience and flexibility, overcoming the logistical challenges faced by managers. Participants were able to engage in leadership development activities from their preferred locations, leading to increased engagement and improved skill acquisition.

Lastly, our program effectively developed the leadership skills of participating managers. Through a combination of leadership courses, executive coaching, and an online cohort experience, managers acquired essential competencies, honed decision-making abilities, improved communication skills, and gained a deeper understanding of effective team dynamics and change management.

Overall, the ASCEND Executive Leadership Development program delivered transformative results by increasing participation, significantly reducing costs, quickly becoming one of the most popular programs offered, providing convenience, and effectively developing the leadership skills of managers. These outcomes contributed to the organization's success, resilience, and long-term sustainability.


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