The Power of Focus

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​The Power of Focus

The Art of ​Staying Focused In a Distracting World

The Power of Focus

​Format: 30-​60 minute keynote, seminar, breakout, or workshop​

​We all get distracted and small distractions over our day don’t just cost us minutes, they can cost us hours. Multiply that over a week, month, or year and the cost of being distracted adds up quickly.

In this talk we identify common distractions, how to mitigate them and provide 4 proven ways to remain focused even under hectic circumstances.

The program is perfect for:
  • Senior Management
  • Front-line professionals
  • Managers and team leaders
  • High-stress/pressure job roles
  • New Leaders
  • Organization-wide meeting

​In This Session Learn

  • ​​Why you are chronically distracted
  • How to regain control of your focus
  • Stay focused when the stakes are high
  • The real cost of distraction
  • The little known truth about distractions

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