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Leadership is a learned skill. 

The notion that leaders are born just doesn't hold water. If you want to become an influential and beloved leader you will have to work daily to find new ways to motivate, engage, and encourage yourself and your team.

You will need to prioritize your leadership development. Whatever stage you are in your career from early supervisory positions to upper management these transformational leadership skills will work.

Becoming an effective leader comes down to 3 critical elements:


We live in a world where talk is cheap and effective communication is priceless. Learning to communicate effectively will be a strategic advantage.


It's one thing to have the title, being competent is another thing altogether. Leadership isn't a skill learned entirely by experience, it needs to be studied to be mastered.


People leave bosses more often than they leave jobs. If they don't trust you, they won't follow you. Learn how to build trust and confidence in your leadership.

Below are the most important articles I've published to help you increase your leadership skills so that you can become an influential, high potential leader.


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Skill Building

Like any skill leadership improves with practice and introspection. These posts will help you identify areas where you can grow as a leader.

Team Development

A fundamental element of leadership is the people you lead. Without their trust and support you aren't leading. 

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Other Popular Leadership Posts

Ready to Land Your Next Promotion?

Would you like to be the obvious choice for the next promotion? High potential leaders get promoted other leaders get passed over. Which one are you? 

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Promotable Book By Dr. David M. Arrington
Dr. David Arrington business coach leadership trainer

Leadership is a skill everyone needs to hone

Hi, I'm Dr. David Arrington the founder and CEO of Arrington Coaching and the main author of this website. I create a lot of content around the topic of effective leadership because it's my passion to help leader take control of their careers and become effective and influential leaders. 

Quick question: is leadership a skill or a group of skills? Yeah, you guessed it, it's a group of skills. 

When leadership is thought of as a single skill that makes it a bit trickier to master. Because influential leadership will look different culture to culture, organization to organization, and country to country.

Learning to lead can be more difficult than it sounds. You've had them and I've had them, terrible bosses that make our lives miserable.

But it's not just that I've had to work with terrible bosses and they make being your best self at work a chore. No one should have to endure terrible leadership when the keys to amazing leadership abound.

Your leadership philosophy will determine your leadership behaviors. Which is why I write, coach and teach to shift and clarify how people think about leadership. 

I've been studying leadership for decades, seriously. My doctorate is in Strategic Leadership with an emphasis in leadership coaching. And it was that 5-figure learning experience that proved to me how much I didn't know about leadership and how I was my own worst leadership nightmare.

I would complain that people wouldn't get on board with a needed change or why they couldn't understand my simple directions.

What I found out through that formal learning process was borne out in my coaching and my experience: I didn't know jack about leadership or how to lead but I had been in leadership positions for over 10 years! 

That's what's funny about leadership, the gross misunderstanding of what it truly is. It's one of those words we all aspire to have associated with us, but we often don't have a clue about what it means to lead.

When I ask groups of leaders what leadership is the first few answers are tentative and generic. As I continue to ask what leadership is and how it is demonstrated it becomes clear that most people understand it in bits but usually not completely. 

Those conversations remind me of the blind men describing an elephant. Each one "seeing" only a partial picture and often a bit distorted from reality.

But it's easy to be confused about what leadership is, the scholars can't land on a definition. One article found over 1000 different definitions of leadership and I'm certain that number has only increased.

Spoiler Alert: Leadership isn't a title, it's a mindset tied to a skill set

A great skill set without the proper mindset will lead to manipulation and dictatorship. A great mindset with out the necessary skill set is destined to go nowhere.

When I train organizations on various aspects of leadership from accountability to providing strategic direction it's always encouraging that they see leadership from a different angle and find a new appreciation for their impact on the team.

I believe most people can become outstanding leaders if they are given the right framework and understanding of the concept. 

Approaching leadership from a transformational leadership model and that means that I focus on how leaders impact their teams, how they encourage engagement, motivate, and work to help others improve.

Leadership Effect

I write about how leaders can improve because of the impact leaders have on an organization. When leaders are clear, competent, and communicate well their teams will usually work smoothly. 

When leaders are chaotic, incompetent, and caustic teams don't work so well. Leaders drive productivity and morale. As the leader goes, so goes the organization.

I believe that leadership is a privilege not a right. When leaders understand the that followers aren't simply the tools through which their vision is brought to life but partners in the realization of that vision they approach leadership differently.

Upgrading Your Leadership Skills

If you want to improve how you lead and create or maintain balance in your life then this blog is for you. I believe that success is holistic. Success at work should be eclipsed by success at home. And guess what that means you are succeeding in both places.

On this blog, and in my coaching and training, I work hard to break down difficult leadership concepts into actionable chunks that can be easily implemented.

So my years of leadership and leadership coaching experience, my terminal degree, and having trained hundreds of leaders confirm that posts I write are needed and effective.

Do yourself a favor and learn for free what has cost me years of mistakes and thousands of dollars.

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