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We are a leadership development company, offering a specific range of services including: executive coaching, leadership coaching, team coaching, business coaching, leadership training, leadership team retreat facilitation, and custom course development.

Proven Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Leadership Skill Development

People Skills Improvement

Sustain Work Life Balance

Proven Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

Leadership Training & Retreats

Increase Teamwork & Collaboration

Develop Team Cohesion

Improve Team Dynamics

Proven Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

Keynote Speaking & Conferences

Motivate Your Entire Team

Inspire & Uplift Your Organization

Reinforce Your Vision Statement

What Is Executive and Leadership Coaching?

For us coaching is a transformational, confidential, transparent relationship. We provide you the much needed space to think in the high-stakes, rapidly changing, world environment which you call your day job. This enables you to move out of "reaction mode", plan ahead and lead courageously.

Our team of experienced executive and leadership coaches work with you to:

  • create and cast a compelling vision;
  • mitigate less effective behaviors;
  • implement organizational change;
  • shift organizational culture;
  • improve organizational morale and employee engagement
  • help you lead your team to achieve Herculean stretch goals;
  • or whatever your specific circumstances require.

There are many types of coaching but we focus exclusively on executiveleadership, and team coaching. There is overlap between executive and leadership coaching but we understand and that responsibilities and decision impacts increase as you enter the c-suite.

Team coaching allows us to multiply the efforts of individual coaching and accelerate the acceptance of new ideas and direction.

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Strengthened My Value to the Organization

Arrington Coaching was instrumental in increasing my self-awareness and improving my performance as an executive. The partnership I have with Arrington Coaching kept my development goals aligned with the organization's goals and strategies. This relationship strengthened my value to the organization. I appreciate the valuable time we worked together and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.



Our process revolves around your goals, your business, your career, your path, and your future. We help you become the hero of your story. It’s all about you. Our brand differentiation is providing consistent, predictable results. 



It's imperative that we understand what the real concerns are before moving forward. This begins with a phone call. 



Once we understand the concerns and desired outcomes we create an action plan to achieve the stated outcomes.



The bulk the coaching relationship is spent executing and refining the plan. We work through issues in real time and bake in change. 


Our clients enjoy a number of benefits during our engagements. We've seen a pattern in perceived and measurable outcomes and we've listed several benefits below.


Teamwork and communication go hand-in-hand. We can help even the most dysfunctional teams get back on the same page and start hitting targets again.


Goal setting is important. Achieving your goals is better. We help you and your team come together to hit your stretch goals.


We assess your leadership effectiveness to identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will create a leadership development plan to improve your leadership style.


The importance of work life balance isn't up for debate. It's critically important. We will help you achieve work life balance and increase your job satisfaction and productivity.

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I highly recommend the DOCTOR!

We are still referencing things we learned during our time with Dr Arrington. We are looking forward to our next session with him. If you are looking for an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, trainer, or coach I highly recommend the DOCTOR! You'll be happy you've engaged with him if you want to take your performance and your team's performance to new heights.



These case studies demonstrate how we have worked with clients to: refine leadership skills and abilities, hit stretch goals, empower employees, introduce accountability, navigate change management, increase employee engagement, and become more profitable.

Proven Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

$6 Million Non-Profit 

Concerns: 5 Years of Missed Targets //

Culture Growing Toxic

Proven Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

$60 Million For-Profit

Concerns: Leadership Lost Focus // Leadership Team Ineffective

Proven Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Development

Senior Leader

Concerns: Leadership Style Impacting Engagement & Profitability

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Our blog covers leadership skills development, career advancement, teamwork and team building, goal setting, executive presence, and other leadership development topics.

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Working with David helped me start to realize and develop my own leadership style, as well as provided me with some valuable tools to not only lead my team but also to "manage up". I liked the way that David was simply able to ask just the right questions in order to make me analyze and think through situations in a different (and better) way.

Leah Gammons Controller